Iron Harbor Capital Management is a global macro asset management firm that executes investment strategies across the major global asset categories and economic regions.  The flexibility to find and pursue the best risk-adjusted returns wherever they exist is important because it can help investors generate consistent returns in both up and down markets.

Iron Harbor Risk Management (podcast)

  • Tactical risk management is designed to protect against big, negative market shocks that occur every two or three years.  Value-at-Risk metrics and scenario analysis are core components of our approach.
  • Our leverage policy is more conservative than other managers. In normal times, it falls between 2x and 2.5x, but we adjust it over an economic cycle.  Our maximum leverage limit is 4x.
  • Constructing and maintaining a diversified portfolio across asset classes enables us to control overall volatility and deliver consistent returns.

Iron Harbor Portfolio Construction (podcast)

  • Our investment approach is discretionary and based on fundamental analysis of global macroeconomic trends.
  • We invest only in liquid, exchange traded instruments.  This enables us to convert to cash quickly in times of market stress with the smallest possible price impact.
  • Our investment horizon is 12-18 months which is notably longer than other managers.
  • Our economic database–Dashboard–consists of twenty countries and an additional thirty data series groups.  It is the foundation of our primary research effort and a key input of our investment process

If We’ve Outperformed Your Hedge Fund Manager, Here’s Why…


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